Bmw f10 jerky transmission

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Bmw f10 jerky transmission

Hello There, Guest! Login — Register. Thread Rating: 10 Vote s - 3 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Hey guys, Just wondering if any other E90 owners have experienced any jerky transmission issues in the automatic models.? The reason why I'm asking is because I thought it was just my E90 that had this jerking issue when shifting up and down but particularly when downshifting Has anyone else experienced these issues too?

Regards, Nathan. Neh I lie TBH, it shouldn't be jerking. Take to ZF and let them do an oil change and adaptation reset. It will stop jerking off. If you leave it for too long, the jerking will damage the clutch and stuff. I've left mine for too long. Basically I'm just waiting for my trans to break.

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Shudn jerk bud Have it checked out somewhere else Get a 2nd opinion. I had this issue back when I had the E90 step.

The downshifts were extremely rough. I had done the adaptation reset a few times and it had somewhat improved- but the issue kept arising. I had the vanos solenoids cleaned and swapped at the same time that I had done the engine mounts. The issue was then resolved so I'm not sure if it was the solenoids or the mounts which was the issue but perhaps that could be your starting point. The issue came up about 18 months ago and bmw said that they did a diagnosis and scan on the gearbox but no damage could be found.

They then reset the adaption values and the problem went away for a while. But now the jerking is back, just after the vehicle came back from a transmission oil service. Just don't want to have a situation where the problem gets worse and worse until it gets to the point where the box can't be salvaged. Phone Jaco Came across this on a youtube blog with the same symptoms you have ie.

Will make the box much smoother!A BMW is not a backstreet clunker.

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This model of automobile has a history of craftsmanship and dedication to detail. Even the older BMWs are noted for being classics on the outside and wonders underneath the hood. That is not a good idea at all. Many people are not aware of this, but the transmission is perhaps the most intricate piece of any BMW. It works in conjunction with other car components to handle the speedy acceleration of the BMW.

The overall health of the transmission relies on two things: transmission fluid and the transmission filter. Transmission fluid provides the lubrication needed to reduce wear on the transmission, and they also help keep it from overheating.

There still is some wear and tear that can happen, and the transmission fluid itself can become contaminated with metallic particles.

These particles can circulate through the system and add to the gradual deterioration of the transmission. The transmission filter serves to trap those metal bits and other abrasives before they start circulating through the transmission fluid. It is essential to see to it that both the transmission fluid and the transmission filter is given proper maintenance service. BMWs are known for having excellent transmissions but that does not mean they do not have to be serviced.

Transmission fluid is red and if it starts to look brown there are some problems developing. The smell of burnt rubber may not be coming from the tires but from the transmission, and that is a warning signal of a need for servicing.

Other things can include unusual noises coming from under the hood or buzzing sounds. Overheating is a primary cause of serious transmission problems. That is due the age of the transmission fluid; the older the fluid the lower the cooling properties of the liquid. This can result in problems when the owner is shifting gears, and is a flashing red light alerting the owner to a need for transmission service. BMWs make use of lifetime fluids that are supposed to last the entire life of the vehicle.

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These synthetic fluids are much more expensive than the conventional variety, but can last up tomiles. Of course, if a person has purchased a used BMW then the automobile is closer to that mile marker. It is ordinarily recommended that transmission fluid be changed at approximately every 50, miles. This would also be a good time to take a look at the transmission filter.

The BMW transmission can also have problems that are not related to the fluid or the filter. An example would be if there is difficulty in shifting the transmission into higher gear.

A grinding or clicking noise can alert the driver to problems that are happening within the machinery itself. Also known as a transmission slip, this is the kind of problem that can morph into a major one very quickly.The latest series of BMW is the F five series, which began its model year in This high-performance vehicle is one of the most advanced luxury vehicles on the market, but even the best cars have some inherent problems that need to be addressed.

E90 Jerky Transmission

Since the F 5-series is still relatively new, these bugs are still being identified. Many of these Bimmers have transmissions issues. F owners have complained of rough shifting in both manual and automatic transmissions.

Their vehicles will jerk during downshifting, or the transmission act as though it slipped a few gears.

bmw f10 jerky transmission

Sometimes there will be a loud clunking as it shifts or the vehicle will drop greatly in speed, making for a rough, sporadic ride for passengers. What makes this problem especially annoying, is that the dashboard warning light does not always notify the driver of a problem. There could be a variety of reasons for this problem. Obviously the transmission could be failing, or it could be low on transmission fluid.

In some cases the problem could be in the computer and the software needs to be reset. A qualified BMW repair technician could download new software and fix the vehicle, or it could end up being a very detailed repair requiring a lot of time and money.

Transmissions require quite a bit of care and attention if they are to last a long time. But they should not be failing in vehicles as young as the BMW F 5-series, therefore it could be a problem associated with the manufacturer.

bmw f10 jerky transmission

If your vehicle displays any of these symptoms, drive to a nearby BMW service garage to have them inspect and properly repair the vehicle before it becomes something very serious. Search for a local, independent BMW repair shop with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.

Toggle navigation.Remember Me? Private First Class. If your F10 has hesitation or jerks at mph. Hi all, I've been suffering from this hesitation and jerking problem since I got my F10 three months ago.

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Well, today i stumbled upon a solution in this thread below. I tried it right away, and I have to admit, the accelerator is much smoother now from stop. And I'm a much happier F10 owner now than I was yesterday. Good luck! Last edited by DuneMan; at AM. Appreciate 3.

Thanks a lot; worked like a charm After my my E60, I had been very upset with my F10's throttle responses; now, applying the procedure, the car is as it should be. But it makes me really wonder; why did they deliver the car with that program; with only a very much cared km on the clock, obviously the car could not have adopted my driving style yet; so that was the initial program; strange for BMW.

Appreciate 0. Enlisted Member. Worked for me too. Thanks for the info. You're welcome Delivery date: June 19, Do you have to do it everytime you start the car?

Originally Posted by CarBrain. It might be that the few times the car was driven to load on trucks, ships and onto the lot it was driven roughly enough that that is what the SW thinks is normal as that is the only baseline it has had to learn from. Lieutenant General. Originally Posted by DuneMan. The answer is I'm not sure. It sounded like a feature built into BMWs. I guess I'd have to chat about it with my dealer later on when I get a chance.

Thanks for the great info. Originally Posted by HighlandPete. The above or a similar method has been used for years with cars with the drive by wire throttles.

Some swear by it, others find no difference, it typically returns to the sluggish response over time. So some reset each week. I understand it just resets the throttle response to the default values. What many of us don't understand is, why an adaptive throttle 'flakes' rather than get back to good response, even when driven hard.

I've not heard of the procedure solving any gearbox issues, long term. Think about it, BMW techs' would be doing it just to get folks off their backs. Second Lieutenant.

Thanks Duneman for the tip. The throttle response is better now. Hope this is sustainable!I recently bought this car and I've noticed that it jumps or jerks forward when I almost come to a complete stop. It's like right before I fully stop that it does it.

When I accelerate it changes gears it's kind of sluggish but it's not too bad. My RPM only moves a little when I'm waiting at a stop and it vibrates the car sometimes.

Q: My car jerks when it almost comes to a complete stop

I mainly want the jerk fixed. I don't think it's the brake rotors or pads because they look fairly new. Could it be the transmission fluid? Does it need to be changed? Does it need to be flushed? I can't check it on my car because it's under the car. Hello, What you are describing may be a result of a faulty speed sensor, potentially low transmission fluid or a even a faulty transmission control solenoid. As your vehicle travels down the road, the computer analyzes data being sent by vehicle speed sensors and engine speed sensors.

These transmission solenoids have spring-loaded plungers inside them, which are wrapped with wire. When this happens, the transmission changes gears and you continue down the road.

The computer controls the transmission solenoid in several ways. If the vehicle is equipped with a dedicated Transmission Control Unit, it can open or close the hydraulic circuit using a direct 12v signal. When this is not working properly, this can cause a jerking reaction, a delay in shifting or in some cases may cause the transmission to hesitate in shifting gears.

I would recommend having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your transmission. Q: My car jerks when it almost comes to a complete stop asked by Christopher D. My car has miles.

My car has an automatic transmission. Jeff Engstrom Automotive Mechanic. Thank Jeff. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details.View My Garage. Over the past month, on two occasion, the transmission has made a sudden jolt and "clunk" feeling when coasting following initial acceleration.

The car is 11 months old and has 10, miles. The problem was not noticed last winter when the weather was cold. Has anyone experienced this problem? Today, it felt as though the transmission was ready to drop out of the car. Perhaps the eight speed transmission provides too many gears to have a truly smooth operating car. Remove Advertisements. So it has never done this before? Just two times within the last month?

Yes, only two times, and the roads were not wet. It happens when I take my foot off the accelerator and coast after taking off from a stop. The transmission is between the middle gears. Seems very strange, so I placed a call to my SA and awaiting his reply. What's really odd is that most of the strange break-in shifting patterns disappeared after a few months of ownership.

BMW 1 Series Stuttering/Jerking

I really liked the transmission in my xi I've noticed this on my i a couple of times as well, miles. I think it's kind of typical in most auto transmissions if the trans is just ready to shift and you lift off the throttle. It's like it can't stop the shift and then has nowhere to go. I don't think it's a true problem, we're just catching it just at the wrong time.

To me, this 8-spd tranny is perfection.

When should I service my BMW Transmission?

It has totally spoiled me, and I am coming from having owned about 5 6MT's. The immediacy of the downshifts and lack of hunting is superb. Last edited by markl53; at PM. I just discussed this issue with my SA. He mentioned the software update for thebut as indicated in another thread, BMW has not developed an update for the They have other documented complaints from owners and will just add my experience to the list.

For the most part, the transmission is really smooth, and the fuel mileage is great.

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More than likely, you have the software update for the that resolves the delay and hard shifting issues.Log in or Sign up. E90 Jerky Transmission. Post Count: 35 Likes Received I was wondering if anyone's heard of jerky transmissions being a common issue on the E90s and if BMW has an official statement on this.

Mine is mainly pretty rough mainly on the downshift and upon initial application of the throttle. The dealer tells me they can update some software for a few hundred but they don't make any promises I'll see an improvement. I'm not sure I'd want to spend that much money on something that may or may not even do anything, so I've been trying to get as much information on the issue as possible.

Funnily I emailed Mike Miller about this and he said the solution was to get a manual gearbox YangorangSep 6, Post Count: 2, Likes Received What is the production date of your vehicle and have you have the software updated recently in the vehicle?

I like the manual gear box idea haha.

bmw f10 jerky transmission

I just wanted to know if this was a common pesky issue and if the software update is the main fix for it. Post Count: 3 Likes Received My E83 with the GM6 was so bad, I sold it after two years. In spite of spending money on a Burger Tuning product which would "smooth out" the throttle behavior, the auto-learning behavior of the BMW software would come back and mess it up over the span of a month or so.

Setting one of the Stage 1 software options, there was an immediate improvement in transmission shifting smoothness. To the point that it didn't feel like the same car. I love it. You can do the reset without extra software by going into your car while it's off; without stepping on the brake pedal, press the power on button so that the accessories turn on but the motor doesn't you can turn on the radio and climate control though ; then press the gas pedal to the floor for 30 seconds.

The result is that your transmission software will have reset and the car will shift smoothly for weeks until the learning software does its thing. You can then repeat the procedure periodically. Post Count: 11 Likes Received I have had my 07 for 8 years and I only feel what you describe in sports mode.

Its not jerky you just feel it downshifting You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Forgot your password?

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